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» A place that touched my soul. « Daniela K.

Castle Leuchtenburg: the most beautiful castle in the mountains, set in a picturesque location, 400 meters above the valley and famous for its breathtaking panoramic views.
The „Queen of the Saale Valley“ is an ensemble of castle buildings that is almost 1,000 years old and unique in its preserved state and further development.
Discover the „white gold“ from its beginnings in ancient China and the decoding of its formula in Europe up to entering the everyday life of today in
surprisingly different and spectacularly designed rooms.

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260 years of Thuringian porcelain - Discover the white gold!

There was once a real craving for white gold! Since then porcelain has had a magic attraction.
We’ll take you on a journey to the premium locations in Germany and invite you to the rich history of the historical crafts at authentic places. Follow us!

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UNESCO World Heritage & bright mountain castle

Do you like experiencing, learning and being amazed at authentic places? The city of Weimar awaits you with some excellent UNESCO World Heritage sites of classicism and the Bauhaus. Castle Leuchtenburg has been nominatet for the European Museum Award. Here you will find the largest vase in the world, the “Skywalk of Wishes” and the world‘s first porcelain church.

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Glittering mountain castles + luxury shopping

Wide views of the countryside, historical places of unique attractiveness, history and stories that you can only experience here. These two castles sit proudly enthroned high above the countryside and give an idea today about what happened here many centuries ago. Hohenzollern Castle & Castle Leuchtenburg.

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Our region

The hillside castles and palaces that sit in splend our high above the Saale river reflect the grandeur and diversity of the valley‘s distinguished history.

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The saale cycle path

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Die Ausstellung hat uns Thüringen wieder ein Stück näher gebracht. Es war faszinierend.                            

- Stefan, Juni 2018


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